BL Add MS 7099 folio 60 ( Voucher ), 1499
Printed, rather than written, this is a small strip of paper given a pencil number and inserted between pages
King Henry VII coming into the Isle of Wight, in the fourteenth year of his reign, honoured Dame
Joanna Bowerman, then lady of the manor of Brook, with a visit; and in acknowledgment of his entertainment,
not only left behind him a drinking-horn as a present, but gave her a warrant for a fat buck of
the season, to be yearly delivered out of his forest of Carisbrook, during her life: this warrant is dated at
Brook, in August, the fourteenth year of Henry VII, and is now in the passession of the family of
Back. Appears not to be relevant
general survey, and had been part of the possessions of Earl Tosti; it had been rated
at three hides, but then only at one: it contained six carucates of land, and was valued
£7. per annum. It was soon after in the possession of Sir Ralph de Mascarell, who
gave the tithes of his demesnes at Brook, to the abbey of Lyra;
this grant is con-
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