Primary Schools

The Project has created worksheets for lessons based on some of the themes found in the Chamber Books of Henry VII and Henry VIII, using the searchable edition of the Chamber Books as a live classroom tool.

These are freely available for schools to use. We only ask for feedback from teachers to help us refine and improve these:

1. Meet the Tudors 2. The king’s residences and chamber 3. Palaeography 4. Kings & leisure 5. The Royal Family 6. Richmond Palace 7. The King is dead, long live the king 8 – War Answers Sheets and Teacher Notes

Secondary Schools

These lesson plans are designed for use at Sixth form level, created by Diana Laffin and Gavin Sheffield at The Sixth Form College Farnborough in conjunction with the project team. We would welcome feedback on these from teachers:

Lesson A:

CB Lesson A_ Henry VII, the views of historians and introduction to the Chamber Books

Henry VII_ How important was money to securing the throne_

Historians on Henry VII Source Collection

Lesson B:

CB Lesson B_ Investigations using the Chamber Books

Lesson C:

CB Lesson C_ Conclusions on the importance of money-1


Student Booklet with recording grids

Student Booklet

For teachers:

Lesson Plans – Chamber books lessons on Henry VII and money

Teacher Guidance for Lesson B