BL Add MS 7099 folio 74 ( Voucher ), 1502
This voucher is stuck in between fo.75 LH and fo.75 RH. The recto of voucher is blank. Verso has dense writing.
This sum was paid to Pope Alexander 6
. for the benefit of
the Jubilee granted to those at a distance from Rome
upon payment of a sum of money & Jasper Pons a
Spaniard was sent into England as the Popes
commissioner to collect the same. Bacon says
"It was thought the King shared in the money. But
"it appeareth by a letter which Cardinal Adrian, the
"Kings ˄
wrote to the King from Rome some few years
"after, that this was not so," it seems however from
an item of the 23
. of the same month that the King
had a share of ˄
Jubilee money for there we find 60s
paid to the Official of Salisbury that came with
the money of the Jubilee
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