BL Add MS 7099 folio 76 ( Voucher ), 1502
In this year Henry received an Embassy from the Emperor
Maximilian to propose a league ag
the Turks. This Embassy
was properly only a pretence to demand of the King an aid
of money, which the Emperor promised punctually to repay.
But the King knowing Maximilian to be always in want,
chose rather to make him a present of 10,000£, than to lend him
the sum he desired. As for the League proposed by the Emperor,
Henry did not think fit to engage in it, contenting himself
with stipulating, that the 10,000£ should be employed in the
war against the Infidels. He concluded with him however a
treaty of commerce, & another of friendship & alliance, which was
to last one year after the death of the survivor. Moreover it was
agreed, that Maximilian, & his son the archduke, should be
admitted into the order of the Garter, & Henry into that of the
Golden Fleece. Pursuant to this agreement, Henry sent Sir
Thomas Brandon & Nicolas West doct
of laws as Ambassadors
to Maximilian with the order of the Garter & to rec
him swear to the same.
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