E36/214 folio 22r ( Payments ), 1506 [modernised text]
Sunday Monday Tuesday
Wednesday Thursday & Friday
Year 21th 6 day March
for offering this Sunday
6 s
8 d

Item for the King's daily alms this week
37 s
11 d

Item to Mathew Pye riding w
letters to William
Trevanyan to the bishop of Excet
to the Earl
. to Sir Piers Eggecombe. the Lord
Broke to Sir John Arundel a Co
mission to the
Sheriff of Somerset & Dorset
23 s
4 d

Item delivered to Hugh Denis for 20 sovereigns
delivered to mast
treasurer for the
Lord town the king of castles Chamberlain
& other 20 sovereigns in likewise delivered
for the Lord Bewmaunell a another of the king
of castles Lords
£ 40

Item to Frances Marzen upon his bill
4 s
6 d

Item to Henry smith upon a loan for making
of the Gallary at the tower of London by the hands
of John dance
£ 20

Item to the Cofferer by the hands of John dance
for the costs of the king of castle and his
company to the see syde to Falmouth
£ 300

Item for the King's offering to saint George
at his coming to Windsor next day Febr
6 s
8 d

Item to Robenet the embroiderer upon his bill
26 s
8 d

Item to the Archbishop of Yorks servant in Reward
20 s

Item to Antony clerk of the kitchen upon a
loan for the expenses of the king of Castiles
servants at Windsor first day March
£ 20

Item to a man for a baude dogge which was
given to the king of castle
13 s
4 d

Item to the king of Castiles fool in Reward
40 s

Item to Hugh Denis upon his bill
£ 73

sum page
£ 461
19 s
1 d
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