BL Add MS 21481 folio 1r ( Flyleaf ), 1509—1518
Henry VIII
His Household Book
commencing 1
May 1509 to 1518
Also an Account of his Bonds and Recognisances
Henry VII died 22 April 1570. ?
The question mark is in pencil, questioning the date of Henry VII's death
Nearly every page is signed by the King and the Volume is
believed to contain nearly the
earliest of this monarchs signatures
known to exist - The early ones are in
an exceeding bold hand.
With the exception of signatures to
letters very few of which exist. Henrys
signature is rarely to be met with
except on Parchment. Indeed I do not
recollect ever to have seen any except in the
Books of Accounts - One or two of which remain
into Law - but very few signatures in comparison
with this - In this Volume are more than 358
A sample signature to a warrant always sells for £1 at
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