BL Add MS 21481 folio 220v ( Payments ), 1516 [modernised text]

delivered to the collectors of Surrey in Restituc
of the 15 year 4 upon a warrant for as much
monry as the said collectors paid to John Haselwoode
of the receipt of the subsidy of
£ 160000
should have been paid for the 15 year 4th .
£ 40

Item to William Stafford upon a warrant for as much
money as he paid for the ward of Walter smith
over & above 2 obligations of
£ 80
Also delivered by the
same warrant for as much as the said ward is now
sold to Sir Edward Belknap for
£ 200
iiij ‌

Item to the commissioners in the marchs of Wales
for their fees due at o
lady day last passed
£ 68
6 s
8 d
and for the ffeis of diverse
knights & esquires due unto them
£ 50
16 s
8 d
3 s
4 d

Item to William Cornish gentleman of the
chapel upon a warrant for certain repairs
to be done at the King's manor of Greenwich
£ 100

Item to Robert bishop upon a warrant servant to
Sir Richard Wyngefeld deputy of Calais being
a spiall in France for the king
£ 22
13 s

Item to Robert Amadas & John Twiselton upon
a warrant for certain plate
£ 193
4 s
5 d

Sunday at Eltham.

Year 7th 20th day April
for the King's offering upon this Sunday
6 s
8 d

Item for the wag
of Jacob & Richard Rutter dru
for the month beginning the 18 day
of April & ending the
day of May next ensuing
56 s

Item to John bilberry yeoman armourer upon
a warrant for the wag
of certain Almaignes armourers
& other ordinary charg
as appears by the
same warrant dormaunt for one month at 30
dais in every month beginning the 5th day of April
& ending the 5th day of May next coming amounting
unto the sum of
£ 15
12 s
2 d

sum page 573 li 15 s 7 d

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