E36/215 folio 20 ( Payments ), 1509 [modernised text]
Sunday at Greenwich
Year first 29th day of July
for offering upon this Sunday
6 s
8 d

Item to William Stondon riding from Greenwich
to Oking. to East to Reding to Ewelme
to Abingdon to Woodstock and to all the towns
there abouts by the King's commandment
6 s
8 d

Item to Henry Worley goldsmith upon a bill
Signed for the decorating of knives
43 s

Item to Henry smith clerk of the King's works
upon a warrant signed towards the repairs of
certain of the King's manors and castles
£ 100

Item for the King's offering at the Roode of grace
6 s
8 d

Item to Richard Denows minstrel upon a warrant
signed for his month wag
of July last passed at
16 d
the day
40 s

Item to Thomas Peirson apothecary upon a warrant
£ 13
6 s
8 d

Item to William Enderby for caring of a hart from
Sunninghill to Greenwich to the Princes of
Castile and for a horse hered for the same
5 s

Item to Stephyn Dela Land upon his warrant
Signed for his 2 months fee that is to say for
the months of May and June
22 s

Item delivered to my Lord chamberlain for a
servant of the P
nce of Castile in reward at the
King's departing from Greenwich
66 s
8 d

Item delivered to the Prince of Castile Taberet 20 crowns in reward
£ 4

Item to master John the king of Castiles ffoole
in reward 30 crowns
£ 6

Item to the Lord Sempe one of the P
nce of
castles Embassato
s in reward
£ 100

Item to the under treasurer by a warrant for the Queen's debts
£ 1000

sum page
£ 1233
3 s
4 d
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