E36/215 folio 60 ( Payments ), 1510 [modernised text]
White Sunday at Greenwich
Year 2 20th day May
for offering upon this Sunday
6 s
8 d

Item to the heralds of arms for their largess
100 s

Item to Guyot of Hewle upon a warrant signed
for his whole years fee due at Christmas next
£ 40

Item for offering upon Monday. Tuesday & Wednesday
20 s

Item to Richecrosse pursuivant Riding to the king
of Scots for his costs
£ 4

Item to John Guysell riding to Asshere to my
Lord of Winchester for his costs
2 s

Item to Lamberd going to my Lord of Durisme
to London at midnight for his boat hire
12 d

Item to 4 minstrels of Normandy that played
before the king in reward
66 s
8 d

Item to Jamys Turbervile riding to my Lord of
Canterbury for a commission delivered to my
Lord of Durisme
3 s

Trinity Sunday at Greenwich
Year 2 27th day May
for the King's offering upon this Trinity Sunday
13 s
4 d

Item to Sir Robert Wingfeld upon a warrant for his
costs going ambasset to the Emperor for his costs
£ 100

Item to Calais pursuivant going w
him for his
costs to the same Emperor upon the aforesaid warrant
£ 10

Item to Lewez dela Fava upon a warrant signed
to be by him sent by way of exchange unto Thomas Spynel
£ 200

Item to the Bowyers of London in party of payment
£ 400
for making of 10000 bows upon a warrant
£ 100

Thursday Corpus
for the King's offering upon Corpus
6 s
8 d

Item to the ambassador of Portyngale in reward
£ 66
13 s
4 d

Item to the Earl of Essex upon his warrant signed
for his half years fee due at Easter
last passed
£ 50

sum page
£ 581
12 s
8 d
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