E36/216 folio 122v ( Payments ), 1521 [modernised text]
Scribe 3
Friday first day February year 12nd
At first reading the x of xij appears to be a v but the downstroke is present. This scribe seems to favour very faint downstrokes when writing in bold.
for the wages of John Winkle John Van Artam Henry Van Artam and Clayse Forcevile every of them at
55 s
6 d
the piece for this Februar
£ 11
2 s

Item for the wages of Hans Bartholomew Jacob Richard Rutter George Van Hamburg and Jamys Phipher every of them at
28 s
for this Febr
£ 8
8 s

Item to Nicholas Harvy upon a warrant for certain harness bought of him by the king
£ 10

Item for boat hire with certain money from Westminster to Greenwich 30th day of January next
12 d

Item to master Francis Bryan upon a warrant to be by him employed and for the workmanship of the enlarging of the Toyles and repairing of them
£ 20

Saturday Candlemas day second day February year 12nd

for the King's offering this Candlemas day
46 s
8 d

Sunday at Greenwich

for the King's offering this day
6 s
8 d

Item for the King's daily alms this week
37 s
11 d

Quarter wages due 8 day February year 12nd

for John Parker wages n

Item for Robnet of Calais wages
50 s

Item for Nicholas Harvy wages
£ 10

Item for John of Ventre bastard Faulconbrigge
£ 10

Item for John of Bullemount wages
£ 10

Item for John of Lucy wages
£ 13
11 s
1 d

Item for Thomas Dove wages n
because mortuus est

Item for Roger Becket wages
100 s

Item for William Hasting wages
50 s

Item for William Russell wages n
because sol
for 4 annis

Item for Anlaby wages
50 s

Item for Rosett Moderley wages
£ 10

Item for Phelipp Denis wages
£ 10

Item for Richard Candishe wages
100 s

sum pagin
£ 137
13 s
4 d

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